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Hybrid of Cranes & Forklifts – Telescopic Handlers For Sale / Rent

Telescopic forklifts, or most commonly known as the telescopic handlers are somewhat like a cross between cranes and forklifts. With the added bulk of the machine, it can lift way lot heavier stuff even in rough terrain. The telescopic boom can span a good distance which enables you to stack higher. This means that you can preserve and maximise space on your storage with little labour from your human resource!

Some cargoes in Singapore are small enough for tiny electric forklifts to handle. Some huge industrial containers are moved and handled by massive cranes. In between the huge cargoes and the small parcels are medium sized loads. Telescopic forklifts have proven their way to take care of this service.

When the job is just too big and requires mean handling, your regular forklifts might not make the cut. Cranes can be the next best thing but not quite. Cranes would be overkill for the job. Then what else can you employ? Good thing that there is telescopic forklifts, it is just the right equipment you need.


Things to take note with telescopic forklifts

  • Handling: Compared to standard forklifts, telescopic handlers are a little more complicated. There are more controls for the extension of the boom and the anchors. Re-positioning of your load can be somewhat difficulty because of the distance.
  • Maintenance: With the bigger bulk of the engine and added hydraulic boom, parts and servicing can be more expensive. Bundled with the capacity to lift more, the wear and tear of the tyres are doubled. Routine check-ups and routine preventive maintenance care must be given top priority. Replacement parts can be expensive. Avoiding major damages due to wear must be observed always.

Telescopic handlers can prove their worth outside warehouses effectively. Shipping services, constructions and farms have found and relied on telescopic handlers to do the heavy stuff for them for decades. There is no denying that these mean machines can finish the heavy lifting for you in no time.

Just be cautious in operating one and follow the dealer standard manual to avoid damage to your forklift. Perform routine maintenance to prolong the life of your forklift and prevent damages on its parts.

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