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The Best Quality Side Loader Forklift Trucks For Sale / Rent

Side loader loads and unloads heavy items or ton of products from its side.

As compared to the usual forklifts, the forks of the side loader are located on the sides. But just like any standard forklift, this equipment is used in lifting and transporting heavy materials within the port, factory, warehouse or construction site.

Maybe you are wondering why do they have to place the forks on the side of the loader? What benefit would it bring with this type of design? Apparently, this simple change in the design offers plenty of benefits.


Why Side Loaders?

  • Easy operation: Since the forks are already at the side of the machine, there is no need for the side loader to turn the wheel left or right every time, to lift and transport heavy items. All that it has to do is to move forward and backward then unload and load items from the side. Because of this, side loaders are easier to operate than other forklifts in the market.
  • Versatile: The problem with most forklifts is that its bulky size makes it difficult for them to manoeuvre in small and narrow spaces in the warehouse. With a side loader, this will not be a problem. The forks on the side make it easy for the side loader to work in narrow hallways.
  • Clear visibility: Since the heavy materials being transported are located in the side parts (and not in front), the driver has clear visibility in the front, making it easier for him to manoeuvre the entire machine. This also helps in ensuring the safety not just of the operator but of the other workers as well.

Side Loaders Care and Maintenance

Just like any other types of forklift truck, side loaders have to be properly maintained and cared for to ensure its efficiency and safety in the workplace. Maintenance services include 50-point inspection, transmission pressure checks, compression tests and regular routine maintenance services. When choosing a rental or a used equipment, make sure that the equipment has been bought back near to its OEM specifications.

When renting a side loader, make sure that you search for a reliable rental company that offers side loaders with operational parts not just at competitive prices but proper handling and support and offers a multi range of lifting solutions and container.

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