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Wide Range of New & Used Reach Trucks For Sale / Rent

Reach trucks are lifting equipment in the family of forklifts. Their main functional highlight is that they have two outer legs that help in even distribution of the weight of the pallet load.

They are the perfect stacking and material handling solutions especially for distribution centres, warehouses and logistics companies.

For every job, there is a specific model of a reach truck that is best suitable. Companies that have specialised in making quality reach trucks are assured of repeat sales any time.


Why Reach Trucks?

  • Their bodies are more compact compared to common forklifts. This enables them to use minimal space in the warehouse.
  • They have wide bases so that only a small portion of the load protrudes during use. It makes the operation on narrow aisles becomes so easy. This feature puts them in the same category with narrow stackers.
  • Reach trucks are easy to repair and their spare parts are also quick to find in most outlets.
  • They are strong enough to lift loads as high as they are needed. Whether used or new, the fork is always up to task. Anyone seeking rental services or wants to buy a second hand reach truck in Singapore can do so without any worries.
  • Electric reach trucks are efficient and safe. Like other electric powered products, safety is crucial. Any product that does not assure the safety of the user is not worthy.

Those seeking lifting solutions away from the conventional forklift or stacker can try a reach truck and enjoy the convenience.

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