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New & Used Order Picker Parts And Equipment For Sale / Rent

Order pickers are designed to help operators achieve faster and more accurate order picking process with confidence.

They are the perfect solution for high capacity warehouses, distribution centres and logistics companies, where short and long distances transport is needed within the premises .

When operator receive customers’ orders in the warehouse, several logistics must come in to play before the products are delivered. These specialised equipment actually does most of the work, pick orders according to the instructions issued by the operator.


To meet the demands of a variety of picking height and load capacity, there are equipment cater for low-, medium- to high-level order picking.

You can also include features such as lifting platforms, fixed forks, fixed cabins or cage to further enhance the order picking efficiency and safety.

Most of these order pickers are electric powered, which enables them to be highly automated for effectiveness and efficiency.

If you want to check out Order Pickers on sale, be it new or used ones, you can get in touch with us.

If you are considering the option of renting an Order Picker, be it short- or long-term, you can count on us too.

We commit to bring you the BEST SUITABLE  forklift trucks and it’s spare parts, to meet any of your weight lifting and material handling needs!


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