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Wide Range of New & Used Nissan Parts And Equipment For Sale / Rent

Nissan forklifts are designed to handle all types of industrial loads efficiently. Warehouse operators all over Singapore attest to the fact that it is among the best brands in the market. Selecting the best forklift is not a challenge if you know the best and reliable manufacturers. Nissan forklifts are the ideal choice if you want forklifts with quality ergonomics, high-capacity engine, and efficiency in fuel consumption.

Nissan has a comprehensive range of forklifts and warehouse equipment, which includes, Internal Combustion Lift Trucks (Cushion Tyre / Pneumatic Tyre), Electric Rider Lift Trucks, Pallet Trucks, Tow Tractors, Walkie Stackers, Reach Trucks, Order Pickers and Hand Pallet Trucks. You definitely can find the right product for your specific requirements.

Why Nissan Forklifts?

  • Access to support and repair services: With the help of distribution partners across the globe, users can easily get support from Nissan’s customer care and get directions on how to fix your equipment whenever need arises. As Nissan are widely used and hence most technicians have handled all types of repair and maintenance services required. You can get your forklifts back in service in less time.
  • Competitive prices: Nissan offers different types of electric and diesel-powered forklifts. You can expect competitive prices for all Nissan products. You will enjoy lower maintenance costs because the products are durable and readily available. You can choose the best suitable model based on your application needs and budget .
  • Lift height and load capacity: Nissan offers a wide range of models with different height of lift and load capacity. Hence, you can compare different models and pick the most appropriate forklift for your business needs.
  • Durability: Nissan forklifts are made of long-lasting materials. Durable and dependable performance are something you can expect. You are guaranteed of low maintenance costs even if you handle tons of loads every day.
  • Enhanced safety capabilities: Nissan forklifts come with an engine protection system which provide alert to warn operators in case of a severe drop in oil pressure or excessive heat.

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