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Wide Range of New & Used Internal Combustion (IC) Forklift Parts And Equipment For Sale / Rent

Internal Combustion (IC) Forklifts are super durable to handle your toughest jobs. If you are looking for forklifts for heavy duties, IC forklifts are your best choice. These forklifts are widely used in many manufacturing, construction, and shipping companies in Singapore.

IC forklifts are different from electric forklifts that they use a fuel or chemical energy to produce mechanical energy. The internal combustion engine in these lifts uses different types of fuels including liquid propane gas (LPG), diesel fuel, gasoline, and compressed natural gas (CNG).

  • The IC forklifts may suit your business better than electric forklifts because they can lift heavier loads at a higher speed than electric forklifts. Most series of IC lifts can lift up to 120,000 lbs of load.
  • You can refuel your IC forklifts when handling heavy-duty jobs. Unlike electric forklifts, you must charge electric forklifts for several hours before use.
  • You spend less on IC forklifts than on electric forklifts. However, you must consider the fluctuations fuel prices, which will affect your operation costs.

The internal combustion forklifts are ideal if you operate outdoor warehouses. However, you can also use some IC forklifts indoors. If you buy IC forklifts for indoor use, you must introduce safety measures to deal with the noise and fuel fumes. Diesel and gas-powered forklifts are mostly designed for outdoor use while gasoline-powered engines can be used indoors. Some models of IC forklifts allow you to switch from gas to gasoline depending on your working environment.

The capacity and applications of IC forklifts vary across models. For instance, engine trucks with a high lift capacity of 3,000 to 9,000 lbs are mostly used in warehouses and in manufacturing, handling wood pallet, food, and beverages. Forklifts with lower capacities are used in oil refineries, airports, and in the construction industry.

The right forklift for your business depends on your working environment, cost, and safety among other factors.

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