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Makes Pulling Product Through The Warehouse Or Distribution Center Easy And Convenient

One of the most popular type of equipment being used in Singapore today is the hand pallet truck. Other terms used to refer to this type of truck include lift trucks, pump trucks, and hand pallet jacks. The main purpose of this type of equipment is to lift pallets or heavy products, making movement and transportation of such pallets as easier as possible.

The history of the use of pallet dawns back in 1887. But at that time, only a basic pallet hand rack is used inside warehouses. In 1920’s, the hand pallet trucks that we see today have been designed to answer the growing need of moving heavier goods from one place to the other.


Why Hand Pallet Trucks?

If you are contemplating about choosing between electric or hand pallet trucks or forklift, there are a few information that you should know. Well, there are many reasons why most companies opt for hand pallet trucks. Here are some of them:

  • No special operating license needed: As the name suggests, the hand pallet trucks are operated manually. Because of this, you will no longer need to secure any special operating licenses before operating this equipment.
  • Easy to use: Another reason why most companies opt for hand pallet trucks is because these are easy to use. Thanks to their manual operation, workers can transport tons of materials from one place to another without taking any course. Since the two prongs on the fork can be placed underneath the load, the workers can use the jack to lift and lower goods with ease.
  • Compact: In the event that your warehouse only has limited space, this is also the best lifting equipment for you. Thanks to its small and compact size, you can be able to save space during storage.

Hand Pallet Trucks Care and Maintenance

  • Because of the hard work that this type of crane or stacker carries out, it has become prone to wear and tear. To ensure that you will be able to use your hand pallet truck efficiently for a long period of time, you should put good care and maintenance into practice.
  • It is the employer’s responsibility to provide the right levels of service, handling and maintenance that lifting equipment needs. For proper maintenance, the hand pallet trucks can be sent to a hand pallet maintenance company regularly.
  • To ensure the efficiency of equipment and safety of employees, each lifting equipment is required to undergo thorough examinations on a regular basis.

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