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Makes Pulling Product Through The Warehouse Or Distribution Center Easy And Convenient

Electric pallet trucks, also called as powered pallet trucks, are motorised equipment which lift, reach and move heavier and stacked pallets or products.

The powered pallet jack is moved by a throttle which is connected to the handle. The truck is moved forward or reversed and steered by swinging the handle in any direction that you wish. To stop the machine, most trucks use a dead man’s switch instead of a break.

There are also some trucks that feature a platform where users can stand as they move the pallets. This type of equipment is used by warehouses or companies that offer construction services.


Why Electric Pallet Trucks?

When it comes to forklifts, product handling plant managers have different needs. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a pallet truck include speed, load capacity, manoeuvrability, type of fork and ease of use. If you are considering on choosing an electric pallet truck for your needs, here are some of the benefits that it can give you:

  • Safer to the user: Since this type of pallet truck uses power-assisted and automated lifting mechanism, the use of such trucks is less likely to cause any stress-related injury to the people using it. This will help to improve safety in the workplace area.
  • Versatile: As we all know, pallet trucks are used for a wide array of purposes in the warehouse and workplace. The best thing about electric pallet trucks is that they can fulfil different types of work, ranging from light, medium to heavy duty. Regardless of what type of application you need, you are sure to find an electric pallet truck that will suit your needs.
  • Time saver: Thanks to the complete power system that it uses, this allow the user to finish more jobs and cover more ground at shorter times. Since it is not manually operated, the operator will need fewer breaks and can get the job done faster.

Electric Pallet Trucks Care and Maintenance

Whether you have your own electric pallet truck or you are relying on equipment rentals, exercising proper use and maintenance of electric pallet trucks are necessary for efficient handling and safe workplace.

It is recommended that you inspect the equipment before every use. For this, having a maintenance checklist is recommended so you can determine which parts to check. In addition to that, always replace important parts, especially the battery, on a regular basis to prevent breakdowns and operational problems.

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