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Electronic forklifts derive their name from the way they are powered. Instead of fuel, these forklifts are powered by batteries that provide power to the forklift’s electric motors.

  • Electric forklifts are essentially designed to work indoors, particularly in a warehouse. They can also be used for working in cold climates involving cold storage or freezers. Owing to the fact that they don’t emit fumes, they don’t raise temperatures in the working area.
  • On the contrary, electric forklifts are not suitable for use on outdoor applications. Any exposure to wet weather conditions can short-circuit the equipment rendering it ineffectual.

This material handling equipment is usually fitted perfectly with cushion tyres, a characteristic that makes it suited for use on hard concrete-like surfaces.

Why Electric Forklift?

Electric forklifts come with a variety of advantages and that is why they are preferred for use in the industry. Here are some of the key benefits for using an electric forklift product.

  • They have less sophisticated controls and safety features
  • They have a longer life span than that of conventional diesel forklifts
  • They have lower noise levels hence enhance communication during work
  • They have a greater maneuverability and high quality controls
  • They don’t emit hazardous gases to the environment
  • The rate of fuel consumption is lower than that of diesel or LPG alternatives
  • They have better stability due to a low center of gravity
  • They are mechanically simple since they don’t have a torque converter
  • They are great for application in indoor activities and places with limited space

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Electric Forklifts Care and Maintenance

The best way of taking care of electric forklift trucks is by using them in the recommended way to avoid unnecessary repair work. Normal cleaning and greasing of all movable parts is an important exercise.

However the best way to take care of an electric forklift is watching over its battery. This is especially in the recharging process. Essentially, a typical battery for an electric forklift takes about 8 hours to recharge fully. After that, it will require 8 hours to cool down before it can be used. A single charge can run for a period between 3 -12 hours. The variation is usually experienced due to the type of application alongside other factors. For an electric forklift battery to last about 1500 cycles, which is roughly 5 years, it needs to be charged at least once during each operational day.


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